Perl MVC Jump Start CGI-Application

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This project is a small CGI application that developers can easily extend. It contains Perl code, HTML templates, CSS, and a config file. It is based on the CGI-Application Perl module and its associated Plugin modules.

Documentation about this project is available as a Google document. It discusses how I used the CGI::Application Perl module and its associated Plugin modules to create a reusable MVC (Model-View-Controller) object-oriented "starter" CGI application. It includes user management, session management, authentication, page redirection, form validation (for user account information), HTML templates and a few other features. It uses a MySQL backend.

I try to present everything you'll need: Perl code, SQL statements, database table structures, module install script, session expiry script,config file, CSS file -- over 20 files in all. I also discuss some MVC concepts and OO design principles along the way.

You can download a GNU tarball and view the SVN repository.

The project is stored on

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